Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The Sword and the Stone" DVD 45th Anniversary Ed. on DVD

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Product Description

Dazzling color and brilliant animation bring the medieval legend of King Arthur to life in THE SWORD IN THE STONE. With a forest full of charm, spectacle, and wizardry, Disney's classic tale conjures up delightful entertainment for all ages! England is in the midst of a dark age and without a proper king, Young "Wart," an orphan and squire-in-training, is content with kitchen duties in his foster home -- until he drops in on the extraordinary wizard Merlin and his articulate owl, Archimedes. Through three life lessons, Wart learns to set his "sights on the heights," armed with the most powerful forces on earth -- intellect, wisdom, and love. When it's time to contest who will be king, Wart must use his newfound knowledge to do what no mighty knight has done before! Join in all the magical marvels that make THE SWORD IN THE STONE a classic animated film and pure Disney gold! -- Amazon

The Sword in the Stone is presented in fullscreen. Special features are divided into various categories. The “Music and More” section contains an 8 minute interview with the Sherman Brothers (from the Disney Channel methinks) and “Disney Song Selection” which allows you to jump to the songs in the film. The “Games and Activities” section contains Merlin’s Magical Academy game.

The “Backstage Disney” section contains a 7 minute black and white excerpt of Walt Disney Presents in which Uncle Walt tours a magical prop room (using the magical world Bippity Boppity Boo), a scrapbook with concept art, etc., and a film facts trivia page.

Finally there are some bonus shorts, the 7 minute “A Knight for a Day” Goofy short and the 9 minute Mickey Mouse short “The Brave Little Tailor.”
-- M & C

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