Friday, June 6, 2008

"Sex and the City" Premier Oversold by 1,000 Tickets

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By The New York Post

NEW Line Cinema and Radio City Music Hall are blaming each other for the fiasco at Tuesday [May 27, 2008] night's "Sex and the City" premiere, when more than 1,000 ticket-holders who'd come from all over the country were turned away.

"The movie studio gave out way more promotional tickets than could fit in the orchestra," said one insider. "Radio City managers told the New Line people, 'You can solve this by opening up the mezzanines, which have 2,700 more seats - but they wouldn't do it."

However, a New Line source countered, "It was Radio City Music Hall making that decision. They took control of the fan line. They turned the fans away."

After the orchestra section's 2,900 seats filled up, some 500 ticked-off promotional ticket holders were walked over to the DGA Theater on West 57th Street. The rest were issued vouchers to see the picture for free at cinemas tomorrow.

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