Friday, June 6, 2008

Cubs will Eject Fans for Booing Alfonso Soriano

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By Paul Sullivan |Tribune reporter

[A] Cubs official offered protection for Soriano, instructing left-field bleacherites before Monday's [May 26, 2008] game that any profane or inappropriate comments made toward Soriano would result in their immediate ejection.

"If someone was overstepping their bounds, we would quickly correct the problem," a Cubs spokesperson said, adding there were no problems.

Soriano always seems to be in the eye of the storm, whether he's hitting seven home runs in one week, as he did from May 12-17, or losing a ninth-inning fly ball in the sun to help lose a game in Pittsburgh, as he did Sunday.

Some of Soriano's teammates are upset over the criticism and believe Soriano's hot streaks are taken for granted while his mistakes are magnified. Derrek Lee blamed Soriano's $136 million contract for alleged overreaction.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Cecilia says with that.

Anonymous said...

I need to hear what Rebecca will change about this...