Saturday, June 21, 2008

26% Of NYC Residents Have Virus That Causes Herpes

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By Medical News Today

About 26% of New York City's adult residents in 2004 had the virus that causes genital herpes, compared with 19% of adults nationwide, according to a study recently released by the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the New York Post reports (Mangan, New York Post, 6/10).

According to Bloomberg, most people with HSV-2 have few or no symptoms, although the disease can cause genital sores. However, the virus can increase the risk of HIV, as well as increase viral loads for HIV-positive people. "Genital herpes alone will not cause serious problems for most people, but some people will have painful genital sores, and the infection fosters the spread of HIV," Julia Schillinger -- lead author of the study...

Schillinger said that HSV-2 prevalence is likely higher in the city than nationwide because the virus is more prevalent among blacks and Hispanics. The study found that about 49% of blacks [WTF!] in the city were living with the virus, compared with 37% of Hispanics, 17% of Asians, and 14% of whites. About 36% of women in the city were living with the virus, compared with 19% of men (Lite, New York Daily News, 6/10).

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