Tuesday, June 17, 2008

David Sedaris' "When You Are Engulfed in Flames"

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Product Description:

"David Sedaris's ability to transform the mortification of everyday life into wildly entertaining art," (The Christian Science Monitor) is elevated to wilder and more entertaining heights than ever in this remarkable new book.

Trying to make coffee when the water is shut off, David considers using the water in a vase of flowers and his chain of associations takes him from the French countryside to a hilariously uncomfortable memory of buying drugs in a mobile home in rural North Carolina. In essay after essay, Sedaris proceeds from bizarre conundrums of daily life-having a lozenge fall from your mouth into the lap of a fellow passenger on a plane or armoring the windows with LP covers to protect the house from neurotic songbirds-to the most deeply resonant human truths. Culminating in a brilliant account of his venture to Tokyo in order to quit smoking, David Sedaris's sixth essay collection is a new masterpiece of comic writing from "a writer worth treasuring" (Seattle Times). -- Amazon

However one reviewer on Amazon said, "It is beginning to feel as if success is spoiling David Sedaris. His writing is becoming, well, a little dull. His rarefied life in France and England has become a bit tiresome for the reader and his essays included here exemplify this disconnect. I've read many of these already in The New Yorker, and was hoping this book would have some new and interesting work. Very disappointing."

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