Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hummus Jokes in "Don't Mess with Zohan"

3rd\SE Quadrant The Approval Matrix

By Zach Lawrence\Slashfilm

Zohan is a kick ass, hacky sacking, huge cock having, anti terrorist, super strength James Bond-Sexed crazed Austin Powers mix, but Jewish. He wants to give up killing and move to the states to become a hair stylist. With his Borat knowledge of style and music he is as hip as well, Borat, and once he gets to New York, everything is so much of a clusterfuck you can’t even absorb it. The jokes revolve mainly around his huge package and (I’m not kidding) hummus jokes. There are an uncountable amount of hummus jokes and him having sex with a ton of old ladies. After about 20 minutes, I asked my fiancĂ© if she wanted to head out, but I think she liked him brushing his teeth with hummus so much that she wanted to stick it out.



Anonymous said...

I hated this movie, and so did my husband. Don't go see it - terrorism is not funny and shouldn't be made light of.

ibrahim said...

Thanks - great point!

Anonymous said...

Terrorism can be funny. Get your head out of the negative and enjoy life! They only try and make it funny for people to smile and not to make them mad or depressed.

Buck said...

This movie made me want to eat Hummus with old ladies while cutting hair!

Fraya said...

Lighten up first commenter, it's not like they are saying: "Haha, terrorism is FUNNY, let's all do it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" It's actually very ANTI-terrorist if you'd get the stick out of your arse and grab loosen your gears enough to look at the deeper meaning.

Let me guess, patriots to the end huh? Stop living up the American steryotype: stuck-up and stuffy. Relax a bit! Taking a lighter look at the bad can be really relaxing and take the focus off of the depressing stuff, like 3rd comment said =)

Fraya said...

"loosen your gears", not "grab loosen"...I thought I corrected that. =/