Monday, June 23, 2008

False Rumor About Michelle Obama

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The Truth about Michelle

Lie: On May 30th, Rush Limbaugh said he had heard a rumor that a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word “Whitey” from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ.

Truth: No such tape exists. Michelle Obama has not spoken from the pulpit at Trinity and has not used that word.

Lie: Blogger Larry Johnson wrote on May 31st that he would add “New and dramatic developments. This is a heads up. I’ll post the news Monday morning by 0900 hours. Now I know why people who have seen the videotape say it is stunning. Barack’s headaches are only starting.”

Truth: Johnson posted no such update.

Lie: Proven GOP sleazemeister Roger Stone said on Fox News on June 1st that “there's a buzz, which I believe now to be credible, that some indelible record exists” of a tape of Michelle Obama using the term “whitey.”

Truth: Stone conceded on June 2nd that he hasn’t met anyone who has seen the tape and that it therefore may be a hoax.
-- Barack Obama

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