Friday, June 27, 2008

False Reports of Aniston-Connelly Feud

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By Jossip

Life & Style’s report that Jennifer Aniston refused to shoot a Marie Claire cover with all four of her co-stars is being shot down by her publicist Stephen Huvane.

The tabloid’s report fingered unexplained bad blood between Aniston and He’s Just not That Into You co-star Jennifer Conelly as the reason why Aniston refused to do the magazine cover if Connelly was on there too (though Aniston was supposedly fine with shooting alongside Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin, who are also in the film, but only if she was front and center).

Immediately, Huvane was playing defense, insisting the reports are “absolutely absurd” and that “there is no drama whatsoever.”

Huvane, explaining further, says, “Marie Claire wanted Jennifer alone. It was our idea to make it a group cover. […] “The magazine only wanted to put three of [the actresses] on the cover, and definitely wanted Drew Barrymore. We recommended Ginnifer Goodwin because she is basically the lead role in the film… Jennifer got along great with Jennifer Connelly.”

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