Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Knight Rider" Disappoints

4th SW Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of March 3, 2008

Garry Stevens of the blog, From the Box Seat, posted the following review:

I certainly wasn’t expecting a lot out of NBC’s Sunday night, made-for-tv "Knight Rider" movie. With that in mind, I went in expecting very little from Knight Rider - and was still somehow shocked at how absolutely terrible it was.

Surprisingly, KITT, voiced by Val Kilmer, was the least of the movie’s problems. The new and highly controversial model of the artificially intelligent auto was a Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang, which when all is said and done, is a pretty sweet car. Of course, this advance in technology turned out to fall short of the the Two Thousand’s plain old bullet-proofiness when we learned that when KITT’s computer is shut down, he’s just as vulnerable as my 1992 Honda Civic.

As sheik as KITT was, everything impressive about the car was shown within the first 6 minutes of the movie. To say it went “downhill” from there would be an understatement.

Almost the entirety of the two hours of this debacle was dedicated to Sarah and/or Mike riding across the country, talking to a car. That’s it. In two hours, nothing happened. There were conversations about parents, about love, about careers and about emotions - all with a car. Conversely, there was no turbo boosting, passanger-door clothes-lining, ejection-seat jumping or slamming head-on through walls. As a matter of fact, there was no action at all. Lots of talky though.

However, according to the New York Times, “Knight Rider” (12.7 million) earned the highest ratings in the 18-to-49 age group for a made-for-television movie on any network in almost three years.

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