Monday, February 11, 2008

Carl Icahn's Blog

2nd NE Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of February 18, 2008

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Tuesday that he was starting a blog to discuss ideas on corporate governance...

"This country is losing its economic hegemony," Icahn said at a corporate governance conference in New York. "I want to see who is interested in this. I really think there's a lot to do."

The blog, whose address is, will be a forum where readers can respond or present ideas and Icahn will respond.

He said it won't be for discussing investment ideas necessarily but mainly about corporate governance. It won't discuss companies in which he has stock.

The 71-year-old investor has a long history of agitating for change at companies; he said he thought many companies were mismanaged.
-- LA Times

He portrays himself as a billionaire Robin Hood, hounding CEOs and enriching shareholders to the tune of $50 billion.
-- CNN Money

And his net worth is $14.5 billion as of 2007, making him the 18th richest man in America.
-- Wikipedia


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