Monday, February 11, 2008

DKNY "Ghost Bikes" Promotion

1st NW Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of February 18, 2008

By Gothamist
February 3, 2008

DKNY is usurping a grassroots campaign to memorialize cyclists killed in New York City's traffic, with a guerrilla marketing campaign to push their product.

Its web site features ridiculously good looking people frolicking about lower Manhattan, sometimes on a bike and says this effort is to encourage people to explore the city by cycling (the DKNY stores have free bike maps for distribution).

However, to us, it seems like the inspiration for the solid orange color-painted bikes placed around the city are the Ghost Bike memorials located around the city. Ghost Bikes are memorials installed by the bike-advocacy group Times Up! and Visual Resistance. They are placed around NYC as memorials to cyclists who have been killed in city traffic and are painted solid white.
(Photo courtesy of Gothamist)

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