Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Crossing Midnight"

3rd SE Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of Feb. 25, 2008

"Crossing Midnight" is an American horror/fantasy comic set in contemporary Japan. It is written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Jim Fern and Eric Nguyen. Vertigo, a subsidiary of DC Comics, currently publishes it.

Plot from Wikipedia:

A rash pact made between a young father and Aratsu, Lord of Swords, results in his wife giving birth to twins, one on either side of midnight. Fifteen years later, Aratsu returns, demanding one of the twins as payment.

Book Description from Amazon:

A fantasy/horror series set in the heart of present-day Nagakaki, Japan where a set of extraordinary twins are bornone just before midnight and the other just after. They discover the huge impact this minor difference has on their destinies when the after-midnight twin, Toshi, is inducted into a world of supernatural beings and events that intersects with our own world. Now Toshi and her brother, Kai, desperately try to stay one step ahead of their terrifying fates while they learn how far their new world of terror intersects with their own. In this volume, Toshi must choose her weapons and begin her hazardous training through a fairy- tale-gone-wrong world like nothing anyone has ever experienced. Plus, Kai falls in with the enjokosaimiddle- to high-school-age girls who go on dates for money. It's legal in Japan, but a supernatural slasher is voicing disapproval in the bloodiest ways imaginable.

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