Thursday, February 28, 2008

Georgia the Wonder Kitty is Found

3rd SE Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of March 3, 2008

A kitten that spent 25 days meandering through New York City’s tunnel system has been returned home.

Ashley Phillips, a 24 year-old librarian in the Bronx, says she first lost her cat while returning home from a vet visit. While waiting on the platform, little Georgia managed to slip out of her carrier.

Over the weekend, two subway workers heard that a black cat had been spotted under an east-side station. Track workers Efrain LaPorte and Mark Delassio said they found Georgia while walking through the area and making meowing sounds.

Six month-old Georgia meowed back. She had lost some weight during her adventure, but other than a scratch on her nose was no worse for the wear. -- ZooToo

On the "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update segment that aired this past Saturday, it was mentioned that Georgia survived by hanging out with a subway break dancing crew. Ok, so you had to be there. It was actually very funny!

(Photo courtesy of ZooToo)

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