Monday, February 4, 2008

Another HBO Therapy Show

1st NW Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of February 11, 2008

About the Show:

An innovative and emotional new series, ‘In Treatment’ brings dynamic focus to a staple of modern society – the psychotherapy session. Adapted from a popular Israeli series, the show follows psychoanalyst Paul Weston through his week, capturing a session each night with his patients – Laura, Alex, Sophie and married couple Jake and Amy – before concluding each Friday in the office of Paul’s own therapist, Gina. Stepping inside the tangled mind of a man who counsels others for a living, ‘In Treatment’ renders an intricate portrayal of the experts we rely on for perspective. -- HBO

Alessandra Stanley of The Huffington Post wrote:

"In Treatment," however, is hypnotic, mostly because it withholds information as intelligently as it reveals it. Each night a new half-hour episode follows a different patient's session. In every session the patients' words are veined with allusions and elusions, clues to problems or patterns that are invisible to them but absorbing for the viewer.

Sometimes, however, a series is just a series. "In Treatment" is not a sign of network post-traumatic stress disorder but of HBO's inner resilience. This show is smart and rigorous, with a concentration that bores deep without growing dull.

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