Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Arrested Development" Movie?

By MTV Movie Blog

The ‘Arrested Development’ [AD] movie is not dead, au contraire,” the dearly deceased show’s star, Bateman, told us Monday. “[Over the weekend I had] a little phone call, just catching up, a little reaching out and touching.”

On the other end of that phone was “AD” creator Mitchell Hurwitz, who has found himself with a lot of time to talk since Hollywood’s writers put down their pencils. “This writers strike, it’s a devil’s playground,” grinned Bateman, who has been lobbying for a big-screen “Arrested Development” ever since the show that resurrected his career died a premature death. “The guy doesn’t have anything to do.”

Ever since the final episode aired 22 months ago, with a scene in which Maeby (Alia Shawkat) tried to sell the rights of her family’s story to Ron Howard, only to have the sly producer insist he’d rather see it as a movie than a TV show, “AD” fans have filled the Internet with chatter. The revelation of this past weekend’s conversation between Bateman and Hurwitz, however, is the closest an “Arrested Development” movie has gotten to becoming a reality.

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