Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New York May Lose Two Congressional Seats

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From The New York Post By GINGER ADAMS OTIS

The Empire State stands to lose one or possibly two of its 29 congressional districts when final population tallies from the 2010 US Census are released Dec. 31, according to a bipartisan company that ran its own analysis of current demographics.

If New York loses two seats, the Legislature could also go after the lone Republican downstater — Long Island Rep. Peter King, whose district could be partially absorbed into the heavily Democratic seat held by Congressman Gregory Meeks, Skurnik said.

If Republicans take control of the state Senate (which current polls indicate), it’s more likely a compromise will be struck by redistricting one upstate GOP seat, and one Democratic seat from among New York City’s 14 congressional districts, or surrounding counties like Westchester.

The US Census will release its raw population figures by the end of the year, and by April 2011 it will have population numbers for each census block in the state. Then the negotiating begins.

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