Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ALPHAVILLE by Michael Codella And Bruce Bennett

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"Setting his story against one of the grittiest New York City neighborhoods of the late 1980s, Codella, a retired detective sergeant in the NYPD, with ghostwriter Bennett, relates how a tradition-rich district still populated by aging Polish and Ukrainian immigrants was threatened with destruction by the heroin trade. Codella describes his own origins in Brooklyn's Canarsie neighborhood, where old-time mob capos and cops lived side-by-side, as a prelude to his joining the police crusade against a ruthless drug kingpin, Davey Blue Eyes, and his loyal gang of smack dealers, "The Forty Thieves." They dominated the part of lower Manhattan known as Alphabet City. Written in a hyper-noir style reminiscent of Richard Price and George Pelecanos, this memoir features all the stuff of an excellent police procedural complete with drug gang rivalries, beatings, killings, and endless dealer collars and convictions. Raw, bloody, and very real, Codella's book is a historical snapshot of what was one of Gotham's most dangerous neighborhoods and the men who brought order to its frightening mayhem."
-Publishers Weekly


Anonymous said...

last few days our group held a similar discussion on this subject and you show something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Kris

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the police, who saved the Lower East Side for rich professionals!

Anonymous said...

As a New York City Police Office I always have to wonder, at what point will America get enough of this garbage? Michael Codella, if his account is to be believed, is a criminal. The fact that he did what he did while wearing a badge is irrelevant as far as that's concerned. Men like him are a disgrace to all the officers who actually do their job the right way. This man is, by his own admission, guilty of perjury, assault, conspiracy and a host of other crimes. He writes about routinely violating the rights of individual citizens, but that's A-Okay because they're bad people. This book is about Michael Codella making money by entertaining people with an account of his criminal behavior. While performing law enforcement duties I have been cursed, attacked with weapons and all the rest. I've never used it as an excuse to line my pockets or lie under oath. As the old saying goes "Adversity does not build character, it reveals it." Michael Codella went to LES and was faced with a daunting task. In the end his character was revealed and it was non-existent. Don't line the pockets of a corrupt cop. You can find it funny or amusing while you're reading this book in your living room but if you ever got pulled over by a police officer you wouldn't be laughing if it was a man like Michael Codella. There's no excuse for what Codella describes here. None, I've seen men like him in my time and I'm not impressed. Cops who perjure themselves and beat people aren't real Cops, they're thugs and the public by and large is getting sick and tired of having to deal with them. They make my job, and the job of every other honest Cop that much harder.