Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GATZ The Public Theater's Attic

2nd\NW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

From The Public Theater

One morning in the low-rent office of a mysterious small business, an employee finds a copy of The Great Gatsby in the clutter of his desk. He starts to read it out loud, and doesn’t stop. At first his coworkers hardly notice. But after a series of strange coincidences, it’s no longer clear whether he’s reading the book or the book is transforming him.

“One of the most exciting and improbable accomplishments in theater in recent years” (The New York Times), GATZ is a theatrical and literary tour de force, not a retelling of the Gatsby story but an enactment of the novel itself. Over the course of 6 1/2 hours, Fitzgerald’s American masterpiece is delivered word for word, startlingly brought to life by a low-rent office staff in the midst of their inscrutable business operations. The cast of 13 actors includes Scott Shepherd (The Wooster Group’s Hamlet).

GATZ will be presented as a marathon theatrical event, with two intermissions and a dinner break, four times per week.

While this production is currently sold out, Partners of The Public Theater receive complimentary House Seats to GATZ, along with productions throughout our 55th anniversary season. For more information about supporting The Public with a tax-deductible gift, click here or call 212-539-8734.

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