Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"State of Play" on DVD

2nd NE Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of March 31, 2008

Plot Summary: Stephen Collins is an ambitious politician. Cal McAffrey is a well-respected investigative journalist and Stephen's ex-campaign manager. En route to work one morning, Stephen's research assistant mysteriously falls to her death on the London Underground. It's not long before revelations of their affair hit the headlines. Meanwhile a suspected teenage drug dealer is found shot dead. These (apparently unconnected) events expose a dangerous habit within modern government of dancing too closely with the corporate devil. Friendships are tested and lives are put on the line as an intricate web of lies unfolds.

Early in 2008, theaters will get a new film called "State of Play," directed by Kevin MacDonald ("The Last King of Scotland") and starring Edward Norton, Jason Bateman, Helen Mirren and more. The movie is a remake of a 2003 BBC mini-series starring Bill Nighy ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), James MacAvoy ("The Last King of Scotland"), David Morrissey ("Basic Instinct 2") and John Simm ("The Master" in David Tennant's Doctor Who).
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