Monday, March 24, 2008

Gov. Paterson had an Affair with your Mom?

1st NW Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of March 31, 2008

By Fox News

The state's new governor revealed Tuesday that he had affairs with several women, including a state employee. The confession came a day after he took over from former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who was driven from office amid a prostitution scandal.

Gov. David Paterson, a Harlem Democrat, said the affairs happened during a rough patch in his marriage, and that the employee did not work for him. He insisted he did not advance her career, and that no campaign or state money was spent on the affairs.

The state government employee [Lila Kirton, 49], once involved in a love affair with Gov. Paterson is a married mom who found herself in the awkward position of working for him when he took over for Eliot Spitzer on Monday.

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