Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moynihan Station Proposal Sinking?

1st NW Quadrant\The Approval Matrix: Week of March 10, 2008

By The New York Observer\Eliot Brown

February 22, 2008

Things don’t seem to be all that peachy these days in the planning process for a multi-billion-dollar redevelopment of Penn Station, to be known as Moynihan Station.

The plan for the project hinges on the Dolan family’s Madison Square Garden moving to the back of the neighboring Farley Post Office building, clearing the way to redo Penn Station, along with adding a concourse in the Farley building.

Though, in recent weeks, advocates, community members and others involved with the process have expressed increasing concern that the Garden could throw a wrench in the whole process, said to be frustrated by the slow-moving bureaucracy and the intransigence of preservationists who are concerned about major alterations to the historic Farley building.

In a meeting yesterday with community groups, advocacy groups, the state and project developers, representatives from Madison Square Garden were curiously absent from the gathering...

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