Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trump Steaks

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The New York Inquirer has a short, but hilarious post on the Trump Steaks:

You can travel to Buenos Aires for great steaks and impeccable leather products. What, no time for a 10-hour plane ride? Or an extra grand in your pocket for a measly coach seat? No worries, Trump to the rescue!

Frightening but true, real-estate woo-hoo Donald Trump has recently announced an agreement with Buckhead Beef that will bring us all (oh, thank the Lord!) Trump Steaks.

"Trump steaks will provide consumers with a taste of Donald Trump's luxurious lifestyle in their own homes, with the opportunity to enjoy the same mouth-watering steaks that are served in his award winning restaurants," says the press release.

It's a licensing deal, attaching the Trump brand to some hunks of meat. Porterhouse, New York Strip, included. And for the cosmopolitan element: Japanese-style Kobe Beef.

Ivanka? Can we gnaw together?

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