Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Rise of TMZ

4th\SW Quadrant The Year-End Mega Matric

In September [2007], notched 10.5 million unique U.S. visitors, dwarfing its entertainment-news rivals. In fact, the site, which is co-owned by Time Warner (TWX )units AOL and Telepictures, ranked No. 5 among all news sites, besting all nonportals save for CNN and MSNBC. -- BusinessweekWeek

The New York Times reported that “TMZ” the television show picks up where leaves off, embellishing and adorning the images with a thoroughness that still works best on fast-moving television. Much of what appears nightly on “TMZ” (shown on Fox and other stations) is timely, but still a rehash. More significantly, “TMZ” uses zany graphics to turn videos into judge-jury-executioner cases against marginal personalities.

Each episode of “TMZ” so far has opened with Mr. [Harvey] Levin (managing editor) consulting with his underlings: he calls on them, and they report their photo findings. Typically, he’s thrilled. Michael Jackson’s father thrown out of a nightclub? Gold! Madonna buying a vibrator? Hilarious.

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