Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Money Shot"

3rd\SE Quadrant of The Approval Matrix: Week of January 14, 2008

Bill Crider wrote in his review of Money Shot, "The narrator is Angel Dare, or at least that's her porn name. Mine is Orel Strokum. You can get yours here, but it won't be as cool as Angel Dare, I'll bet. But I digress. Angel is a former porn star who's now a booking agent. Angel is shot at the beginning of the story and left for dead. She wants revenge, as who wouldn't?"

"The McGuffin in the story is a valise full of money. People want it back, and they think Angel knows where it is. She doesn't, though. Not at first."

"There's a lot of violence in this story, and a lot of people die. One of Stephen King's tests of a good story, as I recall, is whether anyone can die at any time. In this story, anyone can. And you get a guided tour of the porn industry. "Lurid" is a word that's thrown around a lot when describing books. I think it fits this one just fine."

"The story had me from the first pages, and it moves at a fine clip. Money Shot is nice addition to the Hard Case catalog. Check it out next January."

A trailer for the book can be viewed here.

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