Monday, January 21, 2008

Joey Chestnut Takes Nathan's Hot Dog Crown

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By Daily News

Thursday, July 5th 2007

America has a new hot dog top dog after Californian Joey Chestnut set a world record by eating 66 weiners, complete with buns, at Nathan's annual Coney Island contest.

"I feel pretty freaking good!" crowed Chestnut, 23, as he relished his victory over six-time weiner winner Takeru Kobayashi of Japan yesterday to take the mustard-yellow champion's belt. Chestnut, the first American winner since 1999, said he was inspired by thoughts of "the Fourth of July - and bringing the title back."

Kobayashi, 29, hobbled by a sore jaw that he had been trying to treat with acupuncture, kept up a breakneck pace with Chestnut through most of the 12-minute contest.

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