Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Site Asks, WTF Has Obama Done So Far?

2nd NW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

From MSNBC by Sarah Muller

The Democrats’ blah performance in the midterm election has the whole Party reflecting on ways to win back voters. A brand new website with an attention-grabbing name focuses on the positive. It launched right around the election, and has been an immediate web sensation. Creators Richard Boenigk, Will Carlough and Shavanna Miller will join Lawrence tonight to talk about whatthef%*$

It’s simple and straight-forward. Users just click through various screens. Each one lists something major Obama has accomplished. On the same page, buttons read things like “I could do that in my sleep,” “Big deal. What else?” or “I’m unimpressed.” It goes on and on, listing factoid after factoid, serving as a reminder of how much has gotten done, but perhaps gone unnoticed alongside the economic crisis.

The Dems could have used buzz like this prior to the election. But, better late than never. Check out the screengrabs of the more PG sister site,

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