Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coney Island's Shoot the Freak May Close

4th NW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

From The Daily News BY JAKE PEARSON

Coney Island businesses booted from the Boardwalk by a new landlord don't plan on sailing into the surf any time soon, a lawyer for the group said yesterday.

They're not going to be out in November and they're not going to be out in December and they're not going to be out for a while," said lawyer Marc Aronson, who was hired by eight Boardwalk merchants after amusement giant Zamperla USA ordered them to leave their storefronts by Nov. 19.

Shoot the Freak owner Anthony Berlingieri charged Coney business owners were misled by Zamperla when the amusement company asked them to submit business plans if they wanted their leases renewed.

"They misled us to believe we were going to stay," said Berlingieri, who says he hired a lawyer and spent "thousands" to work up a 60-page business plan.

Berlingieri also charged city officials helped the merchants with their business plans, further making them believe they would get to stay.

"Everything was pushed into the area of us staying," he said. "Then you tell us to get out in two weeks?"

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