Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Levi's Photo Workshop In Soho

2nd NW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

From NY Racket by Carlye Wisel

Levi's Photo Workshop, the newest of the brand's pop-up workshop incarnations, has opened its garage door in Soho, and is a skinny jean-wearing artist's dream. Open now through December 18th, the community-oriented space will be hosting workshops, events and parties celebrating various photo exhibitions that will rotate throughout the space's three month lifespan. And, with its slew of photo-friendly goodies, you'll be surprised that almost everything is completely, shockingly free.

Need to print a few of last night's party shots? No problem. Want a t-shirt printed with your face on it? Sure. Dying for a humongous, large-format print of a gorgeous shot you've taken? Go right ahead. With studio time available for rent, vintage cameras that can be borrowed by the day and two rows of Mac desktop computers open for public use, it's so mind-bogglingly complimentary that one staff photographer joked that "Anything can happen" should be scrawled on the wall to drive the point home.

The front end of the space has an upstairs shop with books, goodies and a few Levi's pants and jackets for sale, and as the only spot where items are sold, you can tell this one's for the creatives, and not for people coming in to buy some jeans. The camera rental area is directly below it, where for a $100 deposit, visitors can borrow any of the vintage film cameras displayed on the wall and take them out for a spin for the rest of the day. A photo booth is also near the front door, of which a yearbook will be compiled by California-based Hamburger Eyes from all of the workshop's three-photo strips that are taken.

The studio set-up, complete with enough lighting equipment to have full-on photo shoots, is in the back of the space, set behind the computer workstation and all of the fancy photo printers. Levi's Photo Workshop [Official Site]

IImage via Donald Rasmussen

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