Monday, April 14, 2008

Peter Scanavino in “Rainbow Kiss”

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Disbelief needs to be suspended early and often in Simon Farquhar’s “Rainbow Kiss,” a frantic yet tedious play about male sexual obsession in Aberdeen, Scotland, being presented by the Play Company at 59E59 Theaters.

At the outset Keith [Peter Scanavino] and Shazza, who have just met at a pub, are locked in such a passionate kiss it’s doubtful they will make it inside Keith’s apartment before they tear each other’s clothes off. Once inside, however, each seems overtaken by a burning desire to chat. They eat a bite and have a drink and a smoke while Shazza warms her feet at a space heater. They exchange life stories. Perhaps young people in the Scottish Highlands keep a tighter rein on their libidos than those in sunnier climes, although the rest of the play would argue against that.

Keith and Shazza eventually have sex, a frenzied coupling that proves to be Keith’s undoing. The rest of the play is mostly a chronicle of his rapid descent into a pathological obsession over Shazza, a good-time girl who is living with another man, possibly a drug dealer, whom she has no intention of leaving. But at two-plus hours, one man’s obsession becomes boring, even embarrassing, to the disinterested observer.

Peter Scanavino’s performance as Keith ranges from a mild-mannered parson’s son to a nearly hysterical maniac.

Note: “Rainbow Kiss” ended on April 13.

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