Thursday, September 11, 2008

Olbermann and Matthews Move From Co-Anchors to Commentators

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MSNBC is replacing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as co-anchors of political night coverage with David Gregory, and will use [them as] commentators.

The change reflects tensions between the freewheeling, opinionated MSNBC and the more impartial news gatherers at NBC News. Throughout the primaries and summer, MSNBC argued that Olbermann and Matthews could serve as dispassionate anchors on political news nights and that viewers would accept them in that role.

That plan fell apart during the conventions.The tipping point appears to have come during the GOP convention when Olbermann criticized MSNBC for showing a Sept. 11-themed video prepared by the Republicans. Matthews also exchanged harsh on-air words with Mr. O[lbermann] during convention telecasts.

Source: Freep

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