Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aaron Sorkin is Writing a Movie about Facebook

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By Nicole Sperling\Hollywood Insider

The Emmy-award winning writer of such series as The West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and films like The American President and Charlie Wilson's War is, in fact, writing a screenplay for Sony about the creation of Facebook. Uber-producer Scott Rudin is producing, and Sorkin has established his own presence on the popular social-networking hub in an effort to start figuring out what this crazy Facebook thing is all about.

Posted by Ron\Mediabistro

Harvard alum mag 02138 declared that "the Aaron Sorkin Facebook movie is also the Ben Mezrich Facebook movie." It turns out Sony Pictures and Scott Rudin, the producers on Sorkin's picture, may have also optioned the film rights to Face Off, the book Mezrich is writing about the origins of the ubiquitious social networking software.

This has already started a flurry of news items suggesting that Sorkin's screenplay is an adaptation of Mezrich's unpublished book—which remains to be seen. It is entirely possible, after all, that Sony and Rudin simply bought the rights to Face Off as a pre-emptive measure to avoid a lawsuit from an un-optioned Mezrich over his book being a source for Sorkin's screenplay.

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