Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laurence Fishburne as Thurgood Marshall

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By Black Voices\Karu F. Daniels

To take on the role of late civil rights activist Thurgood Marshall, Laurence Fishburne goes back to his roots and digs up some of America's ugliest ones.

Surprisingly enough, for his return on The Great White Way -- in the Leonard Foglia directed play, 'Thurgood,' -- the seasoned Tony Award winning thespian has received rave reviews.

'USA Today' heralded it with a three and a half star (out of four) review, calling the 90-minute bioplay "excellent." 'New York Post' gossip guru Cindy Adams showered the Academy Award nominated actor with praise, saying he was "magical." The 'Associated Press' noted that "Fishburne has the theatrical, larger-than-life demeanor of an old-fashioned preacher, including the necessary pizzazz to keep an audience's attention for an intermissionless [show]." 'New York Daily News' critic Joe Dziemianowicz said that Fishburne was "magnetic" and the show as "a worthwhile story rich in history, humanity and humor."

As can be expected, Fishburne is, indeed, magnificent in the role which involves a narrative where an elderly Marshall addresses students at Howard University 50 years after he graduated from the storied college in 1933.

The audience is taken through Marshall's thrilling walk down memory lane of life-changing and history-making events. Though mostly known to new generations as the legendary Supreme Court Justice, Marshall was also renowned as legal counsel for the NAACP; he also argued the historic Brown vs. Board of Education case before the Supreme Court in 1954.

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