Monday, May 26, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro Accusses Bob Herbert of Sexism

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[Geraldine Ferraro] was on Fox News, once again playing the race card minus an iota of shame. According to her, black male journalists are up to our eyeballs in the Obama juice and never, ever talk about sexism. She then decides to give to New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, who happens to be black and male, a little grief.

“All the surrogates that they had out there, from the black journalists — you know, have you read Bob Herbert recently in the past six months? There wasn’t one column that had anything decent to say about Hillary.”

Like everything else out of Ferraro’s mouth, this charge is loony. Nuts. Filled with “truthiness.” Here is Herbert in January of this year:

“If there was ever a story that deserved more coverage by the news media, it’s the dark persistence of misogyny in America.” -- The Visible Vote

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