Friday, May 30, 2008

Did Denise Richards ask for Charlie Sheen's Sperm?

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Denise Richards says an email purported to be from her to ex Charlie Sheen's now-fiancee Brooke Mueller asking for his sperm donation is "not legitimate." "It's a doctored e-mail," she said on Today Wednesday when asked about the e-mail, which came to light during her divorce battle with Sheen. "I would never send an e-mail to [Mueller], and, at the time of that e-mail, I was with [Richie Sambora]. If I wanted anybody's sperm, I'd have asked for Richie's," she said (watch above). The actress said that she had just learned her mother was dying when the e-mail was supposedly sent. -- US Magazine

Denise Richards Denies Asking for Charlie Sheen's Sperm


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