Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Walrus and Jane's Carousel Survives Hurricane Sandy

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From New Yorker by John Seabrook

Few pictures of Hurricane Sandy captured both the enormity of the disaster and the unquenchable spirit buried deep in the city’s core better than the image of Jane’s Carousel, the glass-enclosed merry-go-round on the waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge, taken at the height of the storm. The photo shows the dark water lapping at the horses’ hooves, with the eerie blacked-out lower-Manhattan skyline in the background, and the festive riderless ponies twinkling merrily in the bright yellow light. Originally posted on Instagram and picked up by CNN, the picture was seen all around the world; at one point that night it was at the top of Twitter’s trends. 

Although the carousel sits on a raised concrete platform equal to the hundred-year floodplain, the East River had already risen to the edge of it, which was the high-water mark during Hurricane Irene. 

New York Aquarium's Baby Walrus, Mitik, Survives The Storm Despite Flooding

From Huffington Post by Sarah Medina

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, recently rescued baby walrus, Mitik, was able to weather the storm despite severe flooding on Coney Island, thanks to the constant care of his dedicated caretakers.
According to the International Business Times, the New York Aquarium on Coney Island was completely underwater after Hurricane Sandy caused massive flooding in the area. Aquarium employees remained on-site when the storm made landfall Monday evening and stayed through the night to look after the 236 lbs. walrus, reports the New York World.

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