Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New Museum's Chocolate Chip, Mango, & Quinoa Cookie @ the Birdbath Cafe

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From T Magazine by Charlotte Druckman

The New Museum for a preview of its latest attraction: a spruced-up cafe. As befits its offbeat location and forward-looking spirit, the New Museum teamed up with Maury Rubin of the City Bakery and its counterpart, Birdbath, Green Neighborhood Bakery — both of which are, he says, “a product of the creative mind-set of downtown New York.” As a result, he adds, “New Museum feels like perfect, symbiotic territory.”

Set toward the rear of the museum’s lobby, the cafe, which quietly opened this week, is modeled after the SoHo Birdbath, which serves signature pastries — e.g., the pretzel croissant, maple-bacon scone and classic chocolate chip cookie — and savory items.

This makes me feel HAPPY!

I'm suppose to go there tonight, and if I do I'm going to try the chocolate chip, mango, and quinoa cookie and write a review. - Ibrahim

Photos Courtesy of the New Museum

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