Thursday, November 13, 2008

VH1 Pays Prostitutes

4th\SW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

Posted by Gabe\Videogun

This week's episode is all about "kino escalation" which is Mystery's Dungeons and Dragons term for "touching girls." The first thing he makes the boys do is tell him on national TV what their sexual experience consists of. This would seem incredibly embarrassing, except that as soon as they're done sharing, Mystery invites two prostitutes into the living room, who ask the boys to make out with a mannequin in front of everyone to demonstrate their "technique." So, actually, the sexual histories thing is the least of their embarrassments.

Anyway, as if sharing what we are constantly reminded is their "limited" sexual experience with the world, and then being asked to show the place on the doll where they would touch you were not embarrassing enough, next the boys go into a pitch black room filled with dirty clearance pillows from Target's home d├ęcor section, and make out with Erin, the "professional sexologist." Hahaha. Right. Professional Sexologist. She's basically a scientist. Erin explains what a sexologist is by saying "I'm a sexologist, which means that I study sex." True! She studies sex by having it with men for money. Because she is a prostitute. Seriously. She appeared on this show and allowed strangers to kiss her on camera for money. If you google "erin sexologist pick up artist" it will say "did you mean 'prostitute'"?

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