Monday, August 4, 2008

Visitor at London Exhibit Smashes $12,000 Sculpture

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A 9-foot-tall sculpture by Costa Rican artist Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez was destroyed when a visitor fell into it at a London exhibit.

The BBC said the totem titled "Christina" was broken into hundreds of pieces when a visitor fell into the cordoned-off piece, causing it to crash to the floor at the Royal Academy.

The sculpture, estimated to have been worth about $12,000, was one of five totems by the contemporary artist on display. The gallery closed after the weekend incident, but later reopened, the BBC said Tuesday.
-- UPI

One witness, Clare San Martin, did not see the accident but heard it. "It was an enormous crash," she said. "Like pottery smashing. Everyone was standing around, and one woman, who I assumed had knocked it over, was standing with her hand on her head.

"After a while a person ran off to get help and someone came in with a dustpan to clean it up. Before that people were still coming in to the room and thought it was part of the exhibition. They were taking pictures. I think they thought it was meant to be like that.
-- The Guardian

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