Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rick Reilly's Yankee Stadium Barbara Walters' Joke

4th\SW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

By Rick Reilly\ESPN

Yankee Stadium is our Roman Coliseum, our sports Louvre, our Delphi. So why are people planning to steal from it?

Because they should. They must! The cathedral of baseball has a date with bulldozers at the end of this season before the new Yankee Stadium (ugh) opens in 2009.

That means next week's All-Star game sets up as a kind of Final Viewing, and, like any good funeral, grievers will be trying to slide a wristwatch or a set of cufflinks off the corpse on the way by. This might turn into a pickpocket convention: armrests, pieces of fa├žade, maybe even turnstiles will go missing. Even normally upright citizen Derek Jeter says he's going to steal something before this season ends. "When it's gone," Jeter says, "they're going to come after me."

So here's the question: What will it be?

Where do you start in a place that has more history than Barbara Walters' closet? This is the joint that saw three popes serve Mass, heard the "Win one for the Gipper!" speech, watched the first sudden death NFL game ever played.

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