Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ample Hills to Re-Open With Replenished Stores and New Flavors

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From Patch by Amy S Clark

Don't believe the rumors: Ample Hills Creamery, Prospect Heights' new ice cream shop is set to re-open Wednesday June 7, not Tuesday, at noon.
The store – the first in Brooklyn to make ice cream completely from scratch in the shop, instead of from a “dairy mix” of pre-pasteurized milk, cream, sugar and eggs – built up an eager foodie fan base in the months before it opened.

But the popularity was also its brief downfall. Ample Hills shut its doors over Memorial Day Weekend, four days after it opened when, due to unexpected demand, it ran out of ice cream. (See photos of opening day here.)

Since then, owner Brian Smith has hired more staff to make the ice cream and has replenished the stock.

"We're up to six tubs of salted crack in reserve.  Should last us a couple days!" he said via e-mail, referring to the shop's most popular flavor, (as opposed to the popular drug).

Smith said he will also roll out a few innovations next week, including traditional cones as a smaller alternative to the handmade waffle cones, and several new flavors including maple bacon, peanut butter, “black on white,” (white chocolate ice cream with a dark chocolate swirl), cinnamon and strawberries and cream and two dairy-free sorbets: coco mojo (coconut-lime-mint mojito flavored), and lemon sky (a lemon-ginger sorbet). But sorry vegans: while they’re dairy free, they include egg whites “for texture, according to Smith.

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Leshawn said...

The ice cream may be great, but it'd be nice if this store didn't use crack to sell ice cream. I know it's not the real thing, but that stuff messed up and destroyed so many neighborhoods. Black neighborhoods. It may be funny for these people to name this ice cream with crack in mind, but it ain't funny to me. I think they need a new name for this ice cream.