Friday, April 1, 2011

Twenty Percent Of British People Think Lightsabers Exist In Real Life

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From AOL

Light sabers from "Star Wars," time travel and hover boards from "Back to the Future." Many people in the U.K. believe all these things from science fiction and fantasy are, in fact, reality.

The results of a survey that opened National Science and Engineering Week in Britain last week reveal a fine line between science and fiction in the public's eye.
Here's what the survey reveals, according to Birmingham Science City, which created it. Note that in all cases, the respondents incorrectly believe the following:

• More than a fifth of adults believe light sabers exist.
• Almost 25 percent of people believe humans can be teleported.
• Nearly 50 percent of adults believe that memory-erasing technology exists.
• More than 40 percent believe that hover boards exist.
• Almost one-fifth of adults believe they can see gravity.

"We commissioned the survey to see how blurred the lines between science fact and fiction have become," said Pam Waddell, director of Birmingham Science City.

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