Friday, April 8, 2011

P-FUNK Drummer, Lelan Zales, Asymmetrical NOCKAUF Jeans

4th NW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

From Nockauf and The Feast by Ganah Snavely

It might get competitive later on, but this is probably the most amazing story you'll hear all day. According to WWD, George Clinton’s P-Funk All Stars' former drummer Lelan Zales is launching a new denim line this season, Nockauf, on the premise of a reinvented waistband angle.

Nockauf Jeans feature an angled waistband that creates an edgy, sexy silhouette unlike any other pant on the market today. Nockauf’s are innovative and edgy while still being wearable.

“You can call me a dementor,” Zales said, “because I am both a designer and inventor.”

Apparently, 52-year old Zales was vacationing with his girlfriend back in 2008, noted the way her pajama pants hung off of her, and wanted to reinvent that same look but in a butt-tight, dated denim sort of way. And so, Nockauf’s trademark was invented: denim with an asymmetrical, slanted waistband.

Nockauf debuted this spring with one men's style ($140) and three women's styles ($169): skinny, straight, and boot-cut.

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