Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steve McCurry's Limited Edition THE ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHS

With her haunting green eyes set in a once unknown innocent face, Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl was a stark reminder of the effects of war. One click of a Nikon camera was all that was needed to grab the world’s attention and underscored the idiom that a picture is worth a thousand worlds. Smuggling film sewn into his native costume, Steve was able to show some of the very first images from the Afghani/Russian conflict. With his colorful style and keen eye, Steve is able to document images that visually excite and are fuel for discussion. Born in Philadelphia, His work has spawned many awards including the Robert Capa medal for best photographic reporting from abroad. He has been featured in every major magazine in the world and is often featured in National Geographic. A legend in the photography world Steve was able to persuade Kodak to give him the last roll of kodachrome film and used it to document images all over the world.

His latest book draws from the Iconic photographs that he has taken over the years. Named, The Iconic Photographs, Steve has drawn from the best of his work and built a collection of 160 photographs spanning a career that has lasted decades. Only 3300 copies have been published making the coffee top book a coveted prize to those who love his style of photo journalism. The book captures the life of people around the world as seen through the vivid eyes of McCurry, containing scenes of people eating; sleeping, fishing and sleeping together bring a world to those that would perhaps never see what is contained outside of their own lives. He is able to document what may seem like the insignificant and bring it to life. His most famous portraits including the Afghan girl are presented in a life size form so to create a better intimacy with the subject. His pictures are beautiful, poignant at times yet uplifting. A testimony to a wonderful career!

Published by Phadion and availible on Phadion on-line book store for USD$395.00

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