Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Global Gender Gap Report 2010

4th NW Quadrant: The Approval Matrix

From The Week

The World Economic Forum's recently released 2010 Global Gender Gap Rankings paint "an appalling portrait" of Prime Minister Silvio Berluscioni's Italy, says Barbie Nadeau in Newsweek. Other European countries have been working toward greater gender equality, says Nadeau, but "Berlusconi has led the charge in the opposite direction, effectively stifling women by creating a world in which they are seen first and foremost as sex objects instead of professional equals." Italy ranked 74th for its treatment of women — seven places lower than when Berlusconi returned to office in 2008, and one of the lowest rankings in the European Union. Here, a brief guide to the place of women in Berlusconi's Italy, by the numbers:

95 percent
The percentage of Italian men who have never used a washing machine

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