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4th\SW Quadrant 11/5 '07

The Approval Matrix: Week of November 5, 2007

Kid Rock

Saturday night [10/20/07], he [Kid Rock] rocked a sold-out show supporting his current No. 1 album in the country and the first chart-topper of his 17-year career. A few hours later, Kid Rock, who calls his genre-bending blend of country, rap and southern rock "hick-Hop," was arrested after police said he and his entourage beat up a customer — at a local Waffle House. Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, was charged with simple battery, as were five other men who were with him. The 36-year-old rocker was released from DeKalb County Jail on Sunday afternoon after posting a $1,000 bond on the misdemeanor charge.

DeKalb police said Ritchie was finishing up a post-show meal at a Waffle House on Buford Highway about 5:15 a.m. Sunday when a customer recognized a woman in his entourage and began exchanging words with her. Ritchie joined in the altercation, which soon escalated into a physical fight between the rocker and the man, Harlen DeJon Akins, 39.
(The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
(Mug shot photo courtesy of the DeKalb Sheriff's Office)

Foxy Brown

Jailed rap star Foxy Brown has dug herself deeper into "the hole." The down-and-out diva, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was removed from the general population and locked away in a segregated cell for 76 days beginning Oct. 16 after committing three violations at Rikers Island this month, sources told The Post yesterday. The first incident occurred on Oct. 3 while Foxy and another female inmate were headed to the dining hall for a meal in the Rose M. Singer facility, the sources said. They started shoving each other for reasons that were not immediately clear, prompting correction officers to jump in and separate the two before things turned bloody, officials said. The next day, Foxy was verbally abusive toward correction officers and also refused to take a random drug test, the sources said. (NY Post)

Sandra of the blog Sandra Rose News said, "I can tell you from my experience as a nurse working at two youth detention centers here in Atlanta -- those detainees and guards don't care who you were on the outside. They will beat Foxy's ass."

“One Life to Live” Actor Assault

From the blog Celebrity Smack - Nathaniel Marston who plays Dr.Michael McBain on “One Life to Live” has been hospitalized and is in trouble with the law after attacking three people and fighting with police during a drug induced rage.

The incident happened just before 5AM Sunday morning. Marston has been charged with two counts each of felony assault, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and one count of resisting arrest.

Witness and victim, Salvatore Cabibbo, says he was minding his own business having a cup of coffee when he saw Marston get out of a cab and argue with the driver. Then Cabibbo says that the amped up actor came at him for no reason other than he just happened to be there. Marston threatened the man screaming, “I’m going to get you,” and charged at Cabibbo swinging a metal crate at him.

Says Cabibbo, 46, “He was crazed - I don’t know the guy from a hole in the wall. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Marston hit him with the crate, breaking his leg, then continued on, running into a nearby gas station nearby. He ran through the traffic on a busy New York street nearly being hit in the process.

Nets Cancel Game

Yahoo! Sports - The NBA preseason game between the New Jersey Nets and Boston Celtics was canceled after one half Friday night because of damp court conditions at the DCU Center.

Boston led 36-33 at halftime when the game was called because of condensation forming from ice beneath the floor. The 25-year-old city-owned facility is home to the AHL's Worcester Sharks, an affiliate of the San Jose Sharks.

"The players felt like they were risking injury by playing on the court," said Danny Ainge, the Celtics director of basketball operations. "They didn't feel like they could get any footing and they were slipping and sliding, so it was pretty unanimous among the players and the officials and the coaches that the game should be called."

Ryan Gosling

From the blog Spielster, "Peter Jackson fires Ryan Gosling from the film version of "The Lovely Bones" days before production was set to begin because he was too fat and wasn’t “movie star” like enough. Mark Wahlberg has since stepped in as the grief stricken dad of a murdered teenage girl in the adaptation of the hit novel."

Celebitchy wrote, "When he [Ryan Gosling] got on set to work on the film, director Peter Jackson thought he wasn’t hot enough to play the character despite being told ahead of time by Gosling that he would gain weight for the role. Gosling left due to “creative differences” last Friday, before filming was set to start on Monday."

Melanie Griffith's Lips

Michelle Kung related the following on the Huffington Post, "Blasted by critics as a "train wreck," "horrid" and "totally botched," not to mention possibly the "worst show in the history of television," Viva Laughlin, CBS's Nevada-set musical/mystery drama series, just became the first scripted casualty of the fall TV season, and good riddance."

Janco54 posted in the comments, "... And can Melanie Griffith's lips get any bigger? My God, pretty soon her top lip is just going to be a part of her nostrils."

CBGB Space into Varvatos Store

From Indie Blog Heaven, "As CBGB's has been closed down for over a year now, word has came down that the empty venue could be filled with a high end fashion boutique. The store would be ran by legendary fashion guru John Varvatos, who has dressed several rock greats over the years, including Iggy Pop, Slash and Ryan Adams."
(Photo courtesy of Gothamist)

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