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1st Quadrant 9/17 '07

The Approval Matrix: Week of September 17, 2007

“Cashmere Mafia”Costume Designer
Patricia Field

the.LIFE files relates that Costume Designer Patricia Field is designing the custumes for ABC’s new show “Cashmere Mafia” starring Lucy Liu. The show is about a group of girlfriends from high school who grow up to be successful executives, and turn to one another for advice as they juggle the high demands of their career and family needs in New York City.

Patricia Field turned Sarah Jessica Parker into a household name and a fashion icon through her character, journalist Carrie Bradshaw, on “Sex and the City.”

FABSUGAR has the following quote from Lucy Liu concerning Field’s costumes, “Patricia Field is somebody that we were lucky enough to have come onto our show. She has an incredible talent for putting together pieces and making them look like art. She never repeats an outfit…and she also puts together things that you would never imagine. . she could put…something from the 80s, put a modern belt on it, and put some shoes, with a purse form the 70s and the look looks great.”

For her work on “Sex and the City,” Field was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, with one win, and nominated for 6 Costume Designers Guild Awards, with 4 wins. Field also appeared as the first guest judge during the first season of the Bravo’s “Project Runway.” (Wikipedia)

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“Young Frankenstein"

Kenneth Jones of relates that “Young Frankenstein,” the new Mel Brooks-Thomas Meehan musical version of the Brooks film comedy, ends its pre-Broadway Seattle run at the Paramount Theatre Sept. 1. The elaborate sets will get trucked to Manhattan, and rehearsal will begin in New York, toward an Oct. 11 first preview at Broadway's Hilton Theatre. Opening night is Nov. 8.

“Young Frankenstein” is one of the biggest deals headed to Broadway so far in 2007-08. Top ticket prices will be $120, with some "premier" and "premium" seats priced at $450 and $375 per ticket. The New York Times reported that the $450 orchestra ticket price will apply to the 100 or so best seats in the house. At the time of the August 7 first preview in Seattle, the Broadway advance was already around $15 million.

User larry64 posted in the comments on Broadway World, “These prices are intended for the rich, corporate expense accounts, and so the producers can capitalize early before all the "stars" leave. Prices will most certainly float back to reality when:

a. we find out that the show really stinks and reviews are bad

b. after several years when the original cast is long gone and Ashley Parker Angel is playing "Igor"

c. the cavernous Hilton Theatre swallows this show whole like all the musicals before it!"

(Photo courtesy of Paul Kolnik)

"Jack Heights"

Barry Popik posts that "Jack Heights” (meaning “Jackson Heights,” in Queens) appeared on a billboard ad in 2007. The billboard mentioned that the area is much cheaper than "Billy Burg" (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

Jackson Heights is an urban melting pot with many ethnic populations, but mainly consists of Latin Americans, multi-generational European, and Asian Americans. It is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the United States and the entire world. (Wikipedia)

(Photo courtesy of bondidwhat/flickr)

iPhone Price Drop

Apple slashed the price on the 8GB iPhone to $399, which is $200 less than its introductory price, and is giving a $100 credit to early adopters. Early adopter Paul Forrester said on MacWorld in reference to the rebate, “Giving me $100 credit in the Apple store is kind of a yawn for me. I still have to go spend money in the store—it’s not a true rebate. They aren’t really giving me my money back.”

Philip Michaels also reported on MacWorld that Apple hopes that the price cut will spur sales of the mobile device it introduced in June. “We want to put iPhones in a lot of stockings this holiday season.” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said.

Sinkholes reported in the DAILY Intelligencer feature that a truck passing through Chelsea last week plummeted into a four-foot-deep sinkhole.

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