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4th Quadrant 8/20 '07

Week of August 20, 2007

MTV's "Rappin' with the Stars"

Reality Blurred reports that MTV is following ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” lead by developing a series called “Rapping with the Stars.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: “a reality competition show that will pair celebs with hip-hop pros.” Variety elaborates by reporting that the “teams [square] off in a range of rap-oriented musical challenges” and “[a] hip-hop world panel will judge.” The show does not have a debut date.

'Bratz: The Movie''

Bratz The Doll

The Times reports that since introducing the line of overtly sexy dolls in 2001, the dolls have sold over 150 million Bratz around the world, but negative public perception has prevented the Bratz from blossoming into a full-scale entertainment phenomenon.

Parents and child advocacy groups have long argued that the dolls, with their fishnet stockings, pouty lips and micro-mini skirts, encourage pre-adolescent sexuality. With ''Bratz: The Movie,'' MGA and Lionsgate want to change that image. The live-action film, co-produced by Paula Abdul, portrays the four characters as misunderstood teenage prodigies who decipher complicated algebra problems and apply lip gloss with the same gusto. They volunteer to do household chores and chirp lines like, ''My mom is my hero.''

''The goal is to broaden the appeal by demonstrating to parents and children alike that there is more to these characters than what they think,'' said Steve Beeks, president of Lionsgate. As for the content of the movie, producers tried to blend naughty and nice. The Bratz might bare their midriffs, cake their faces in makeup and worship stiletto boots, but they know wrong from right: they decide to teach the school a lesson in diversity by winning a talent show.

Amy Biancolli of the Houston Chronicle says of ''Bratz: The Movie,” “O.M.G! This movie is SO BAD!”

(IMDb Plot Outline: During their first year of high school, four best girlfriends face off against the domineering student body president who wants to split them up into different social cliques.)


The Band 1990s

The 1990s are an indie rock three-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland. Radar opines that, “Their debut full-length “Cookies” is possibly the album of the year and features some of the most hilarious lyrics ("I would not like to play chess with a man in a vest, unless he was wearing a Stetson"), and from the band’s Wikipedia page, the band plays music "like a blonde gets out of a car."

James Blunt's Unbeautiful "1973"

According to the singer’s Wikipedia entry, James Blunt is an English singer-songwriter whose debut album, Back to Bedlam, and single releases — especially the number one hit "You're Beautiful" — brought him to fame in 2005.

From songs entry - “1973” is the first single released from the James Blunt album “All The Lost Souls.” First performed by Blunt during his Fall 2006 North American tour, it was released for radio play on July 23, 2007 to selected radio stations around the world. It was made available for download exclusively from the Verizon Wireless network in the United States on that date as well. On August 7, 2007, the song was made widely available for digital download. CD and vinyl recordings will be released on September 3, 2007.

Morgan Freeman + Axe?

According to AdverBlog, Morgan Freeman is not promoting the new marketing campaign for Axe Vice. It is the actor pictured in the screen shot below. AdverBlog opines that the campaign is, “an idea which is half way between CSI and Kiss the Girls,” and isn’t running in major Western countries. The commercial has been removed from YouTube.


The plot outline from IMDb - A writer (Duchovny) tries to juggle his busy career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife, as well as his appetite for beautiful women.

From the show's official website -Famed novelist & NYC transplant Hank Moody (David Duchovny) relocates to LA after his acclaimed book is optioned, but it later becomes a crappy romantic comedy, which sparks a horrible case of writer's block. He's struggling to get his career back on track with the help of his agent/best friend, raise his pre-teen daughter, all while pining for his ex-girlfriend, who is now engaged to another man. It may sound desperate, but he enjoys life and owns all his various vices — drink, drugs and women — with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor. He's holding it together while falling apart, and he doesn't mind it one bit.

"Californication" Special Preview

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